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Born out of passion.
Named after nostalgia.

We thrive to tell stories differently

Jampot Talkies is an AV storytelling company. Though we are based out of Mumbai, the founders native town is Jamshedpur which is home to India’s largest steel plant.

It’s a quaint little industrial town also fondly called as Jampot AND Talkies is synonymous to cinema.

So? What are we saying?

Jampot Talkies is born out of passion for the craft of filmmaking, named after nostalgia.

We are not your regular production house.
We craft & tell stories differently.

A hot list of stuff we do so you don’t have to

From 15 seconds to 3 hours! There is a story to be told in each format.

Our strength lies in how we treat & design a story or a concept. It is essential for us to craft a clear manifest using best techniques & new age technology. We at Jampot Talkies believe in creating compelling content which is fresh, inimitable and engaging.

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Meet the founder

Adityo Banerjee

Co Founder & Head - Creative

Adityo Banerjee decided at a very young age of 17 that he wanted to become a filmmaker. His passion for films took him on an incredible journey. After working/assisting mainstream filmamkers/producers he went on to make his very first independent film called “The Lucky Hitch Hiker”. This led him to the prestigious London Film School where he mastered filmmaking by exceling in the art, craft and technique of story telling. His patience, spontaneity and not to forget his creative imagination makes all the ‘ingenious’ difference at JT. 

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Jampot Talkies

Where to Find Us

Jampot Talkies
2301, One Avighna Park,
Lower Parel, Mumbai-400012,
Maharashtra, INDIA